Our History

With decades of experience in hand protection, we saw the shortcomings in the metal mesh glove market and wanted to invent something better. We have a history characterized by innovation. This is revealed through our development of ultra-hygienic, cutting-edge metal mesh gloves and garments. Today, we offer products and solutions with unmatched quality. We aim to never stop improving.

The Better Glove Solution
The Better Glove Solution

From a background of decades of experience in hand protection, we looked at the metal mesh glove market in the early 1980s and saw that we could do something better. At that time metal mesh gloves were primarily manufactured by soldering nickel-plated brass rings together into gloves that were hand-specific (left or right). As a result of use as intended in food processing and food service facilities, including cleaning, the nickel plating came off and created a contamination concern.

Combining German technology and engineering with our expertise in gloves, we developed the first metal mesh gloves made from welded stainless steel rings in a comfortable, ergonomic design. And we made them reversible to fit either hand with a patented fabric wrist strap design.

The Niroflex2000 is Patented
The Niroflex2000® is Patented

In mid-1990s, food safety concerns continue to mount, and food processors aggressively sought to eliminate points of possible contamination in the food supply chain. By the late 1990’s, regulatory enforcement was added through FDA requirements for HACCP (Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points). We continued our innovation and developed and patented the Niroflex2000, the industry’s first metal mesh glove with no fabric straps - a 100% stainless steel solution.

Additions and Improvements
Additions and Improvements

the 1990s and 2000s NiroflexUSA® continued product development, additions and improvements. We now offer 5 glove cuff lengths, from wrist length to full hand and arm coverage. We offer a full line of metal mesh aprons and apparel, with more ring size and metal alloy options than any manufacturer in the world.

USDA Recognition
USDA Recognition
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In 2009 NiroflexUSA gloves and garment became the first (and still only) metal mesh gloves and garments to be listed on the USDA’s accepted equipment list.

Niroflex Innovation Continues
Niroflex Innovation Continues
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NiroflexUSA adds several new styles including Niroflex Easyfit, Niroflex Mailite®, NiroflexSD® and Niroflex slide-N-snap® - the most innovative design in mesh gloves in decades.

Continued Unsurpassed Quality
Continued Unsurpassed Quality

Today NiroflexUSA is active with business all over the world, partnering with leading food industry suppliers. The brand Niroflex is synonymous with highly innovative products and solutions and unsurpassed quality.



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