Niroflex Mailite – Lightweight Protection

Let’s face it, there are certain situations where you are not concerned about puncture, but there is still a significant cut hazard. This is where Niroflex Mailite® has a role; built off the original Niroflex2000 platform but constructed with our proprietary Super Detectable “Big Ring” Mesh. (Regular gloves are detectable by x-ray. Mailite gloves feature a unique stainless steel formulation designed for enhanced detectability with magnetic detectors.)

Niroflex Mailite® ring wire is more than 25% thicker than standard metal mesh wire, making it stronger to protect from knife blades and impact.

Niroflex Mailite metal mesh cutting gloves feature a uniquely innovative secure, stainless steel closure for hygienic, safe, and easy cleaning.

GU 2750
Mailte GU 2570

The unique 4:1 ring construction, meaning that each ring is connected to least four adjacent rings of Niroflex Mailite gloves ensures that the seams are as strong, safe, and secure as any other part of the glove. This design feature is crucial in preventing injuries and maintaining the integrity of the glove over time.

Niroflex Mailite gloves are also designed for ultimate hygiene. With no fabric straps, buckles, studs, rubber bands, or springs, these gloves clean quickly and easily without contamination risk. They are resistant to cleaning chemicals, steam cleaning, and wide temperature ranges, making them a durable and cost-effective solution.

Metal detectable, color-coded (by size) numerical data matrix tags are standard on all Niroflex2000® gloves. These tags help companies keep track of their mesh gloves, a valuable asset for HACCP compliance and efficient inventory management.

CAUTION: Niroflex Mailite gloves have been designed and manufactured to provide limited protection from knife cuts and similar hazards. They may not withstand the force of power-driven blades, saws, and tools; avoid this hazard.

  • Size Range: XXS-XXL
  • Material: NiroDetect™ duplex grade stainless steel “Super Detectable” Magnet
  • Ring diameter: 7.0 mm
  • Wire gauge: 0.70 mm
  • Closing system: Proprietary clip closure
  • ANSI/ISEA-105 Cut Level: N/A*
  • Standards:
    • USDA Accepted Equipment List
Mailite rings

* ANSI/ISEA cut levels are determined using a TDM (Tomodynamometer) cut test machine. TDM equipment pulls a blade across a material surface under varied weights, measuring the weight needed to cut through. Watch here. “Cut through” is determined using a low level electrical current. Due to the conductive properties of Niroflex stainless steel, a TDM machine cannot be used and an ANSI/ISEA 105 cut level score cannot be determined.

If any metal mesh glove manufacturer tells you have that they have a Cut Level on their gloves, ask them for a copy of the test!



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