Niroflex Repair Centers – Trusted Service

You are making in investment in the safety of your workers and the hygiene of your facility by choosing Niroflex metal mesh gloves and garments.

We encourage you to only have them repaired at an Authorized Niroflex Repair Center.

Our network of authorized Niroflex repair centers is dedicated to providing reliable repair services for your mesh gear.

These centers are staffed with skilled technicians who understand the importance of keeping your safety gear in top condition.

Authorized Niroflex Repair Centers

  • Have a dedicated area for repairing Niroflex products.
  • Are trained in Niroflex inspection processes and Niroflex welding techniques & methodology.
  • Repair Niroflex products using only original Niroflex rings and parts.
  • Are regularly visited and “audited” by Niroflex to ensure consistency and quality of repairs.



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